Comprehensive Precious Metals Services

Our suite of services encompasses the entire lifecycle of precious metals, from recovery and refining of iridium, ruthenium, rhenium, gold, platinum, to palladium, focusing on sustainable practices and high-quality output for industrial use.

Precious Metals Recovery

Auris Noble offers a comprehensive array of precious metal recovery services. Our expertise lies primarily in recovery of iridium and the other platinum group metals from a multitude of different feed materials. We also specialize in recovery of gold and refractory metals such as rhenium, tantalum, and tungsten.

  • Iridium

    We specialize in the recovery of iridium from many different feed materials.

    Auris Noble leads in the recovery and refining of iridium. Feed sources include electrodes from the chlor-alkali industry, fuel cells, catalysts, Jet engine igniters, and more.

  • Platinum

    We are highly proficient in the recovery of platinum, largely from recycled aerospace materials.

    Auris Noble extracts platinum from jet engine turbine blades, fuel cells, catalysts, and jewelery.

  • Gold

    Auris Noble has been recovering gold since the company's inception in 2011.

    We recover gold from dental scrap, aerospace materials, jewelery scrap, and gold-brazed materials.

  • Ruthenium

    We have expertise in the extraction and recovery of ruthenium from many industrial sources.

    Often existing in tandem with iridium in many feed sources, we are highly experienced not only in the extraction of ruthenium from the feed materials, but also the separation of iridium from ruthenium as part of the subsequent refining processes. Feed sources include electrodes from the chlor-alkali industry, catalysts, and igniters from jet engines.

  • Palladium

    As a complement to our platinum recovery processes, we also extract palladium from many of the same sources as platinum.

    Palladium has many properties similar to platinum and is therefore found in many of the same kinds of feed materials as platinum. Much like with platinum, we recover palladium from aerospace materials and catalysts, as well as from palladium-brazed materials.

  • Rhenium

    With properties similar to that of platinum and palladium, we recover rhenium from many of the same kinds of materials as these two metals.

    Auris Noble recovers rhenium from aerospace materials and catalysts.

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