Iridium Recovery and Refining

Auris Noble specializes in the recovery and subsequent refining of iridium from a wide array of iridium-containing feed materials, including electrodes, jet engine igniters, and many more.

Precious Metal Products

Auris Noble offers a comprehensive product portfolio of various forms of refined iridium, ruthenium, platinum, palladium, gold, and rhenium.

Aerospace Scrap Materials

Auris Noble specializes in the recycling of jet turbine scrap, including whole engines, platinum-coated blades, brazed fuel system scrap, nozzles, stators, and other components. Our state-of-the-art processing techniques ensure the recovery of valuable metals, contributing to aerospace sustainability and reducing environmental impact.

Advanced Precious Metal Refining Services

Auris Noble specializes in refining a diverse range of precious metals, including iridium, ruthenium, rhenium, gold, platinum, and palladium.

Consulting and Special Projects

Auris Noble offers consulting services and special projects expertise for precious metal recovery and refining. Our team of experts can provide customized recovery and refining solutions for a wide range of precious-metal-containing feed materials.

We are Auris Noble

Discover our range of services, each designed to address specific needs in the iridium recycling and precious metal processing industry.

Auris Noble offers a comprehensive range of services for precious and strategic metals recycling and is a vertically integrated refiner of all precious metals. Our customized refining processes are adapted to ensure maximum recovery and purity of the alloys and pure metals. We utilize cutting-edge alloy separation techniques and leverage advanced, novel technology for precise separations. Our commitment to sustainable recovery and recycling practices is aimed at reducing environmental impact. Additionally, our team of experts provides knowledge-driven consulting solutions to address unique challenges in the field of iridium recycling.

Patrick Deeringer

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Auris Noble LLC

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How it Works

  • Metal Recovery

    The recovery process begins with the identification and consolidation of precious metal-containing components. Once the valuable materials are consolidated, they can be sampled and evaluated for treatability by our processes. This stage is essential for Auris Noble's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility as we develop a complete picture of how a given material should best be processed.

  • Metal Refining

    Following recovery, the materials undergo a sophisticated refining process. This stage is crucial for purifying the recovered metals, such as iridium, ruthenium, platinum, and gold to meet the high-quality standards required for industrial use. Auris Noble employs advanced techniques—both hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical—to refine these metals efficiently and to purity levels exceeding industry requirements.

  • Product Manufacturing

    The final step in Auris Noble's approach is the production of metal products. Once the metals are refined to their purest form, they are transformed into various products that find use across industries too diverse to name, with each product made to a customer’s specification and requirement. This stage highlights Auris Noble's ability to not only recover and refine precious metals but also to create value-added products that serve a multitude of industries and cement our role in sustainability and the circular economy.


Why choose Auris Noble?

At Auris Noble, we prioritize your needs by providing responsive, flexible, and compliant solutions tailored to your requirements. Our team is dedicated to delivering better, faster, and/or cheaper outcomes, ensuring that your goals are met efficiently and cost-effectively.

Unlike other companies, we do not engage in brokering. Instead, we maintain a culture of transparency and accountability, ensuring that you have full visibility into our processes and can trust in the quality of our work. With Auris Noble, you can expect reliable and trustworthy partnerships that prioritize your success.

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Our Products

At Auris Noble, our foundation is built on trust, innovation, and consistency, and we attribute our success to these core principles that have guided us since our inception. Our commitment to these values is reflected in every product we offer, ensuring the highest standards of quality and sustainability in the precious metal industry.

Auris Noble produces a range of metal products, from high-purity precious metal compounds and pure metals to vacuum melt quality alloys. Distinguished by our integrated approach, we manage every aspect of production in-house, from refining to the final product. This unique capability allows us to maintain exceptional quality control and offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our diverse global clientele.

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  • Picture of Iridium


    High-Purity Iridium for Advanced Applications
    Auris Noble utilizes advanced metallurgical techniques to refine iridium, ensuring high purity and quality for its use in high-tech applications like electronics and aerospace. The process involves sophisticated separation, purification, and recovery methods tailored to meet the specific demands of various industries.

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  • Picture of Ruthenium


    Versatile Ruthenium for Diverse Applications
    Ruthenium is processed through chemical and physical methods to extract and purify this versatile metal. Auris Noble's expertise in ruthenium refining supports its use in catalysts, electronics, and the chemical industry, focusing on maximizing yield and maintaining environmental sustainability.

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  • Picture of Rhenium


    High-Purity Rhenium for Aerospace and Electronics
    Auris Noble specializes in the recovery and refining of rhenium from aerospace scrap and superalloys. Our refining process ensures the production of high-purity Rhenium for use in high-temperature turbine engines, electronics, and catalysts, contributing to advancements in materials technology.

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  • Picture of Gold


    Sustainable Recovery of High-Purity Gold
    With a focus on sustainability and efficiency, Auris Noble refines gold from various sources, including jewelry scrap, electronic waste, and industrial byproducts. Our state-of-the-art refining processes ensure the recovery of high-purity gold, suitable for re-use in manufacturing, investment, and technology applications.

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  • Picture of Platinum


    Complex Procedures for High-Quality Platinum
    Platinum refining at Auris Noble involves complex procedures to purify platinum from mixed metal concentrates and scrap materials. The refined platinum is used in automotive catalysts, jewelry, and electrical industries, emphasizing our commitment to quality and environmental standards.

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  • Picture of Palladium


    High-Purity Palladium Refining Solutions
    Auris Noble's palladium refining process is designed to produce high-purity palladium from automotive catalysts, electronics, and dental alloys. Our comprehensive refining techniques support the growing demand for palladium in technology, automotive, and renewable energy sectors.

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