Precious Metals Recovery

Discover our range of services designed to meet the challenges of the precious metals industry.

  • Iridium Processing and Refining

    Auris Noble excels in the recovery, refinement, and production of iridium, employing cutting-edge technologies to ensure the metal's high purity for use in various high-tech applications including electrodes and aerospace components.

  • Precious Metals Reclamation

    Our suite of services encompasses the entire lifecycle of precious metals, from recovery and refining of iridium, ruthenium, rhenium, gold, platinum, to palladium, focusing on sustainable practices and high-quality output for industrial use.

  • Aerospace Scrap Materials Management

    Specializing in the management and recycling of aerospace scrap materials, Auris Noble integrates advanced processing methods to reclaim valuable metals, supporting the aerospace industry's sustainability goals.

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