Iridium Processing

Explore our sophisticated iridium processing services, designed for a range of industries and applications, including chlor-alkali, fuel cells, and more.

Iridium Processing Services

Iridium Periodic Table

As a full-service refiner of iridium, Auris Noble specializes in the recovery and refining of iridium from a wide range of iridium-containing feed materials. Due to the unique (and shall we say, difficult) properties of iridium, our recovery processes are custom-tailored to the specific nature of each specific feedstock: this ensures the highest returns to our customers.

  • Electrodes

    We specialize in the recovery of iridium from electrodes.

    Electrodes find multiple uses across a wide range of industries. In particular, the chlor-alkali industry uses iridium-containing electrodes for the production of chlorine and caustic soda. Auris Noble employs a proprietary process for the extraction of this valuable iridium from electrodes.

  • Catalysts

    We recycle iridium-containing catalyst materials from multiple industries.

    Catalysts are used extensively among many industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, fuel cells, and many more. Auris Noble specializes in recovering iridium and other precious metals from spent catalyst from these industries.

  • Aerospace

    We extract iridium, among several other precious metals, from aerospace scrap.

    Auris Noble recovers iridium from jet turbine igniters where iridium is used for its long life due to its superior properties.

  • Mining

    We are well-equipped to process and subsequently refine iridium-containing products directly from mining sources.

    Auris Noble is experienced in processing metallic iridium and black salt products from mining activities.

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